Out the box training sessions

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

With the rise of social media and applications like Strava it's never been easier to see what your fellow athletes are doing in training. The affect of this has a mixed impact. It's allowed us to learn from others and offer encouragement to those far and wide. On the flip side it distracts athletes away from achieving the targets set in their own sessions. We can often think we're not doing enough - everything always looks grander on Instagram, right?

Now, everyone is aware that consistency is important. Progressing in your core sessions as well as hitting your targets is critical to improving. But, have you ever thought outside the box and looked at applying some unusual methods to take the body out of your comfort zone and really test it?

Here are four approaches that you may not have thought of but could come in handy; another few strings to your triathlon bow! Why not give them a shot?

1. Train on lack of sleep

How many of you struggle to sleep the night before a race? The race nerves kick in, you're up early getting to transition and you're tired. Now, ask yourself how many training sessions have you purposely done with lack of sleep to mirror this condition? Next time you get poor sleep try embrace a tough day of training ahead rather than write it off. Don't forget to catch up on some sleep and recover correctly to avoid injury or illness.